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There are some countries that are given high regard when it comes to wine making, but the country of Hungary is usually neglected when it comes to wine making. In fact, Hungary has a vast tradition of wine making which has now transgressed to different countries. Although most people are not familiar with Hungary for wine, there are some knowledgeable people who have an idea of Hungarian wine.

There are about 20 wine regions scattered across Hungary. It is also home to a many types of grapes, which have been tended by a number of vineyards that were established as early as the Roman times. The country also has a seasonal weather, wherein there are cold winters and hot summers. This allows for a soil that is capable of producing a variety of grapes that can be used for making high quality wine.

Hungarian wines survived the communism that plagued the whole continent. This is truly a remarkable feat despite the turbulence that occurred in one of the most revolutionary phases of history. One of the most popular vineyards here is Tokaji Aszu, which is coincidentally also a popular accompaniment with desserts or meals among the people of Hungary. It is also a favorite all around the world.

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It was in the middle of the 17th century when Tokaji Aszu was discovered in Hungary. It then grew to be a favorite among the higher classes of that period. The great taste of the wine was also rumored to have the mystical power of healing. This only made the wine gain popularity. As the years passed by, Tokaji Aszu has indeed become a favorite wine among the Hungarians, which rapidly spread to the surrounding regions and eventually across the world.

Aside from Tokaji Aszu, Egri Bikaver is yet another popular wine that originated from the vineyards of Hungary. Also known as Bulls Blood, Hungarians are also fond of this wine. Its rich color is a real eye candy to any wine lover, which is a dark red that is sweet to the palate. It first came into existence in the 16th century, but its popularity remains untainted nowadays.

The Tokaji area must not be missed out by any tourist of Hungary. This is because the area boasts of many distinct wine flavors that are suitable for everyone. It would be best to take a visit between the months of May and October, where underground cellar excursions, wine tasting, and extensive knowledge on Hungarian wines will be available to you. Getting into the area would be no problem. Tokaji is located in the northeastern part of Hungary, and taking a train from the city capital Budapest will bring you there in a matter of hours. Touring for wine is therefore an activity that must be embarked upon by a wine lover.

The wine lover must not miss the Hungarian wines that have captured the taste buds of the whole world. Having it in a wine collection is definitely worth it. You can get your hands on these through bottles, glasses, or even cases. Through the years, Hungary has perfected the art of wine making with its long tradition in this activity, so any Hungarian wine is sure to bring a bountiful experience to any wine drinker. Indeed, the wine itself is full of history, which makes it an interesting topic to study. Taking it in will allow you not only to absorb its fullest flavor and the history of wine making swirling in it, but also make you crave for more.

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