Burgundy – The Wine and The Area

The French have long been proud of the long stretches of vineyards. Burgundy, France is one of the world’s most famous wine producers. It is home for several gourmet wines totaling to more than 180 million bottles yearly.

Burgundy or Bourgogne to the locals of central east France is home for 1.6 million residents. Its territory, estimated 12,000 square miles, is also home to an assortment of wines from reds like Pommard, Corton and medium Beaune, to whites like dry Chablis and Chassagne Montrachet.

Its vineyards hold a rich history. Most of Burgundy’s vineyards were once monasteries. The French revolution has contributed to the separation the monastery lots, which are now several of Burgundy’s existing vineyards.

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Burgundy, France is also famous for its terroir driven vineyards. Terroir refers to an agricultural site where the soil, weather conditions and farming techniques are similar. It is safe to say that this system provides products that have a special sense of belongingness. Thus, this is perhaps what makes wines from this region very special tasting.

Burgundy wines are classified according to their quality and terroir.

Premier Cru refers to the finest quality wines. There are approximately 600 vineyards in Burgundy that fall in this category. And 33 of the Premier Cru wines are more refined, thus called Grand Cru wines. The most famous wines of these types are Montrachet, Chambertin and Clos Vougeot.

Other Premier Cru-labeled wines are those from more than 1,000 acres in Meursault. Chardonnay, the location’s finest wine, is made from grapes of the same name which are grown in fossil-rich limestone. It is produced amounting to around 2.5 million bottles. Chardonnay also comes in the flavors of almond and apple.

Chablis the town has become known due to its production of white wine also called of the same name. The Chablis wines are dry whites with refreshing acidic taste.

The red wines in Volnay are made from pinot noir grapes cultivated since eight hundred years ago. Around 1.3 million bottles of these red wines are produced from 600 acres of pinot noir grapes. These red wines also come in raspberry and violet flavors.

And lastly, the red Pommard. It is made from pinot noir grapes grown in 780 acres of limestone and red clay. Around 1.8 million Pommard bottles are produced. It also has varied flavors like black cherry and black currant.

Goes excellent with game venison and roasted red meat with Livarot cheese, these can age from 5 to 15 years.

Matching wine with food

Wine is a great pair for most foods. But it is best to know which wine should be paired with which food to experience the exquisite flavors of Burgundy wines.
Generally, Burgundy red wines are best with pheasant or Boeuf Bourguignon for the locals. Another great pair with fowl, especially grilled chicken, is the Beaujolais. It could also be paired with lamb.

Chardonnay is best when you are eating fish in white sauce, especially if the Chardonnay flavor you have is either almond or apple.

The sparkling white Chablis wine is perfect for shrimps, other seafoods and goat cheese.

These wine and food pairings are only a few. With or without food, the wines of Burgundy, France would definitely provide you with a gourmet drinking experience.

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