Easy Wine Making

Easy Wine Making – Made Fun and Simple


There are many people who consider the achievement of producing wine to be one that is quite simple. In a sense this may be correct, however only the true art of precise and careful planning in the delicate aspects that are involved in the overall process will be the factors that produce the ultimate rewards in easy wine making.

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Grape crushing is an effort that most everyone is familiar with. Yes, it is still true that this is a process that must be done by squishing the fruit with your feet in vats that are filled approximately two-thirds full of the berries. If the vats that you have selected are small enough, this can be a task that you might want to perform with your hands or even a kitchen utensil rather than using your feet. During this time you notice a problem with yeast growing in quantities that will be too much. If this occurs it can easily be handled by adding the recommended amount of Campden tablets. After this has been achieved simply drape a cloth over the container and let it rest for 24 hours.

The next step in easy wine making is in adding the desired choice in yeast that is made specifically for producing wine and carefully mix it in. This can often best be achieved by using your hands. There are several different choices that you can choose from that each delivers their unique characteristics in flavor and a few of the most popular choices are prix de mousse and Montrachet.

After you have thoroughly sifted through the crushed grapes for any remaining stems you will then simply need to drape it with a cloth and leaving it to rest again. Although the fizzing has generally already started, by the third day the crushed grapes will even give off the appearance that they are reaching a boil.

Now the step in easy wine making that you will need to perform can be achieved by pouring the mixture either into cheesecloth’s or into bags that are made out of mesh material. You will then be able to begin separating remnants of pulp, seeds that have been left over, and any skins of grapes that still remain.

Before attempting the transfer of the mixture into wine barrels, you will need to make sure the mixture does not contain any more particles of stems or grape skins. A process of squeezing and straining of the substance can do this. Then it will need to be set-aside for anywhere from two to three weeks to allow for the fizzing cycle to stop.

Now you have reached the point of easy wine making that is called racking the wine. This important process is one that simply ensures that any remaining particles that have settled to the barrels bottom are removed and separating the wine from the spent yeast that is commonly known as lees can be performed. Removing the wine from the barrel using a siphoning hose if necessary will allow you the chance to be able to clean the first container where you will need to pour the wine back into for approximately three more months when you will need to perform the racking a second time. After waiting approximately three more months you will then be able to perform the last racking process that needs to occur.

It has finally come to the drawn out process that is commonly known as aging the wine. As most of us well know, the longer a wine is allowed to age the more of a savoring taste you can expect.

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