Getting To Know Red Wines for New Wine Drinkers

Sideways is satiric film about life’s mishaps and surprises. Characters Miles and Jack go on a road trip across California, the famous wine country. As their trip progresses, they taste and indulge in about every red wine they encounter. As they deal with their respective life problems, they are faced with surprising tastes from different red wine varieties. This film has acclaimed much fame as it presented the dark comedy of real-life dilemmas about human affection, difficulties and wine tasting.

This film has touched not just the emotions of people who watched. Sideways has enticed more people to indulge in red wines. The Internet Movie Database said that Sideways fans had contributed to the increase in sales of Pinot Noir dry red wine in US and UK.

If you have not seen Sideways, here are some guides to make you more interested in myriads red wine varieties.

What makes Red Wine Red?

The grape varieties used in making red wines are the main factor for its color. There are several red grape varieties that have a wide array of colors – purple, deep red, light red, maroon and others. Each of this color kind gives the distinct shade for different red wine types. Also, the color of red wines depends on how long the grapes’ skins were in the extracts before they were removed. The longer the skins stay, the darker shade of red the wines may have.

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What are the Red Wine Types?

Red wine varieties are usually differentiated by their body or structure. The usual bodies are the full and light. Case in point, red wines with light structures do not have the complex tastes. This type could be paired with strong-tasting foods. The French red wine Beaujolais Nouveau is a great light-bodied wine.

Medium reds like Shiraz and Merlot are perfectly balance wines. They offer more structure than the light ones and are not as strong as full-tasting reds like Bordeaux and Super Tuscan red wines.

Lastly, the full-bodied wines are so-called because they have higher alcohol content and thick consistencies.

How Red Wine is best served?

For most dinner parties, wine tasting tours, and other formal occasions, red wine servings are in specific glasses. An oval or egg-shaped wine glass is the known finest way to serve up red wine. The structure of this glass allows the red wine to release more flavors as there is more room to swirl it. Red wines with 60˚ to 65˚ Fahrenheit temperature are the best tasting. When you serve your red wine lower or higher than these temperatures, the taste quality would be affected. If it is served warmer, the primary wine attribute your guests would notice is its high alcohol content; served colder, it could be too acidic.

What are the Red Wine varieties?

Red wines are as diverse as they come from the grapes they were made from. There are the dry ones, the rich-tasting wines and the much matured ones. Perhaps no one can name the best red wine because each person has distinct tastes and red wines are really dissimilar. However, the most common favorites are red wines from California regions, Hunter Valley of Australia, and European countries especially the French, Italian and Spanish reds.

As you grow fonder into drinking red wine, you could be well-versed in distinguishing one variety from the other. You could do this by widening your red wine selection from Syrah, Cabernets and others made from other great red grape varieties.

Is Red Wine really healthy?

Many people, from the health professionals to common wine drinkers, have said that moderate intakes of red wine could actually improve your health. Recent studies and researches of UK scientists have found out that a moderate glass of Cabernet Sauvignon red wines put your heart in better condition because of these grapes’ high antioxidant content.

Now you see, red wines are not just great pairs for your meals. They could also help your dining practices healthier. Fortunately, all these red wine details could help you enjoy more of your red wine experiences. And now you could be on your way to healthier and merrier drinking adventures.

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