Grape Planting

Grape Planting – A Basic Guide


The steps that you have to take in the grape planting process as well as the growing of quality grapes are very important factors that ultimately will determine the delicious flavors that are achieved in making fine wine.

Sunlight is a helpful factor that helps a great deal in photosynthesis. By giving each side of the vines an adequate amount of access to this beneficial light, it helps in the process as they begin to become full of tasty sugars that will eventually turn to alcohol after the fermentation process has been achieved. The specific types of soil that you use is another very important factor that you will need to take into consideration. Soils that are not high in nutritive value will work great in making wine and fertilizers or compost will not be needed.

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If you plan to grow a significant crop you should place the vines approximately six feet apart and in rows that are placed eight feet in width. You can expect each of the grapevines to produce amounts in wine of up to one gallon. It is normal to lose a small amount of grapes because of problems that arise with birds and pests and you may even want to consider planting a few extra vines. This of course will depend on the amount of wine that you plan on producing. Another important aspect of the grape planting process will be in offering your vines a proper place to grow, such as on a trellis. During the first season that your grapevine will be growing you will want to attach the vine to the trellis by one of the strongest shoots and in using an adequate amount of string. As it is growing you should cut away any shoots that may be growing out of the roots and you will want to prune it again during the dormant season.

When spring arrives and the buds are beginning to grown once again part of the grape planting process requires that you select the shoots that are the strongest from the shoot that is upright, then as they are growing you will want to tie them loosely to the wire. As they grow larger over time they will become the grapevines arms, where grapes will continue to grow for many years.

During the harvesting season you should consider purchasing a hydrometer from one of the local supply shops that carry winemaking equipment and supplies. This is a device that measures the gravity that liquids hold and it will also give you the sugar content contained in the berries. A great gravity reading would be between 1,095 and 1,105. If at all possible you should try to get it as close to 1,105 as possible. This is just the right time to harvest the grapes.

Grape planting is a unique process that can takes years before you are ready for the winemaking stage. As long as you put an adequate amount of effort into your grapevines and the entire process in general, it will certainly prove to be well worth the added efforts.

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