How to Select the Right Wine for Cheese

Wine and Cheese Combinations –


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Have survived for a thousand years. Referred to as a long-lasting couple, it is apparent that both are created from substances that have been preserved to stand the test of time like undergoing fermentation stages. Indeed, wine and cheese are called the perfect pair.

Hosting cheese and wine tasting parties are no fuss and are simple to set up. Also, if parties are not your thing, you can opt to have your wine and cheese pair alone over a gourmet spread. However, most people are besieged with the right selection of cheeses and wines. It is important to do a quick research about the possible combinations as to prevent undesirable results. Figuring out what kind of cheese would go with what kind of wine can be challenging but not impossible.

First of all, it is better to do away with low end wines. Exquisite tasting wines are not cheap and you have to remember that one product should not overpower the other. Balance of flavors that go together is the way to achieve that mouthwatering result from the pairing of wine and cheese. Strong-flavored cheeses tone with intense wines while mild and light cheeses match with light-bodied wines. Each taste of the cheese is brought on by a sip of your wine.

Sharp, creamier cheeses perfectly match wines with high acid content. You can pair your Chardonnay with a piece of brie or you can combine goat cheese and feta with a Sauvignon Blanc. Camembert, a soft cheese, pairs well with Chenin Blanc or Vouvray. Those hard cheeses such as Regiano or Parmigiano are ideally paired with Merlot, Red Bordeaux, and Grenache. Port or Sherry is wonderfully blended with aged cheddar cheese. Mascarpone or Cambonzola amazingly affects the flavors of Sauternes.

Note that cheeses come from different sources like cow’s or goat’s milk. To pick the right cheese and wine, all you have to do is experiment. You should always rely on what tastes best for you since most people have varying preferences when it comes to food. Surely, as you try to experiment, you will gain some know-how about the wine and cheese pairing, thus, improving your ability to select the right matches.

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