Ice Wine


Ice Wine- Rare and Priceless


There are so many wines that people indulge in. The most common ones purchased are the reds and the whites. Even for the rare wine collectors, these two are the staples. The several types of red and white wines jam-pack grocery stores and gourmet shops. There are also rare wines that could only be bought through auctions and exclusive wine cellars. Now, another rare wine type has been created, the Ice Wine.

Ice wine could only be made under specific temperatures in special weather conditions. Currently, this rare wine is produced in the region of Pacific Northwest. Due to its special production requirement, the market for it is still scarce because of the high production cost. It may not be affordable for those with median income salaries.

The pride in owning this rare wine is like taking great honor from having the most precious jewels. The materials needed for making ice wine is rare. And so is the weather condition required to perfect this wine. When the materials and the weather conditions are perfect, the winemaker gets ready to finally making the wine.

Making this exceptionally limited wine needs special requirements and meticulous process. These are completely ripened full vine grapes and a 5˚C temperature. The grapes need to be stocked and sustained in a room with the specific temperature for a couple of days. The grapes are plucked manually when the winemaker sees their frozen state is about right for finally making the wine.

The next steps in making the ice wine are more delicate. The full vine grapes are carefully pressed to extract running juice. Consistent freezing temperature is very much vital in this winemaking process. The right temperature would allow the juices become frozen appropriate becoming a wine. The frozen water crystals fermenting with the natural sugars of the grapes’ free-running juice make up the best produce for this wine.

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As of today, purchasing this wine is quite a tough quest. From liquor stores to online shops, the ice wine has not been produced for the consumption of the general public. If you really are willing into devoting time and have a generous lump of money, you better travel to the Pacific Northwest region. Winemakers in this region may provide you with this extraordinary wine. Just be ready to dish out around hundred thousand dollars for one ice wine bottle.

Despite the efforts and money involved, you would find yourself compensated well. It could prove to be one of the finest tasting rare wines yet.

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