Red and White Wine

Reds vs Whites: Red and White Wine Diversities


Almost all people have tried both red and white wine varieties. Most of them have no idea that these two actually have very distinct characteristics. If you are also wondering, you should read on and learn about the differences between these two great wines. Red and white wine varieties are different aside from their color. However, they could be the same in dryness, sweetness or just about any taste and texture.

Red wines are usually more full-bodied than most white wines. White wines usually do not have the compounded taste of red wines. Their first difference is through the grape varieties used in making red and white wine. Red wines come from red and black grapes; while the white wines come from white or green-skinned grapes. But their main dissimilarity occurs in their respective process of fermentation.

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Fermenting white wines could be considered more delicate. The stems, seeds and grape skins are carefully taken off the extracts. For red wines, all these ingredients are included in extracting grape juices. Because these many ingredients produce high levels of tannins and pigments during fermenting red wines, they come out with more taste complexity.

The tannin compound is a protein present in grapes, berries and other similar plants. You could tell that the beverage you are drinking has tannins is through tasting the sharp taste in them. The tannins inhibit oxidation in wines especially when they are starting to be aged. Because red wines are known to undergo long years of aging, this quality of tannins is very vital. Tannins essentially adds more flavor in reds, which results to making red wine varieties to have fuller taste. However, as the wines age longer, the bitter taste from tannins disappear.

Red and white wine varieties are always great with food. Rule of the thumb is that reds and whites should be paired with specific meals. This rule is not really the norm as you can choose different wines for different dishes. But the difference in red and white wine varieties really brings out the best flavors when you follow some guidelines.

For example, the robust taste in red wines goes well with strong-tasting dishes; while white wines are picked for light-tasting meals. Most people pair reds with heavy meats like pork and beef steaks, and whites are with light meats like fish and chicken.
On the other hand, as said above, this is not the norm. You could always pick the wine variety according to your taste. Decide whether on dryness, sweetness, acidity or other qualities for the wine you will drink. Whatever wine choice you finalize on, enjoy your glass of wine with your meal.

When you have paired the wine of your choice to your meal, drink the wine after you chew your food. This is the frequent wrong-doing of people dining with wine. The proper way to fully enjoy both your wine and meal is to taste them separately. Through this, you could experience the essential flavors of your meal and your favorite wine.

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