Chocolate And Wine

The Perfect Match-Chocolate And Wine


Chocolate has gone a long way from just being a simple treat for kids. It cannot be denied that most people just love chocolate. Whether they prefer that ambrosial dark chocolate or a delicate white chocolate, they always satisfy the sweet tooth among each person craving for that sweet jolt.

Chocolates appear as a sort of self-indulgence but in recent studies, it is shown that chocolate taken in moderate portions can contribute to a healthier body. Chocolates vary in many forms which include chocolate milk, a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate brownie, and chocolate chip among others. The chocolate traces its roots in Spain where the people during that time added sugar, vanilla, and other ingredients to process the cocoa and bring out the flavors of the chocolate.

Moving further back in history, chocolate are seen as valuable goods served only to the gods and the reigning royalty. Particularly, Aztec Emperor Montezuma delighted in the cocoa beans which were claimed as divine commodities. Thus, cocoa beans or Theobroma cacao has become the food of the gods.

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After long years of mythology that chocolates are bad for you, these chocolates have become the choice for numerous people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. Chocolate has its benefits which contribute to a healthy heart. What is more, it was found out that chocolate has huge amounts of magnesium, potassium, vitamins, and some sodium and calcium. Apparently, these benefits come from the consumption of dark chocolate and the cocoa content should be taken into account as well.

In addition, chocolates have flavanoids. These flavanoids are plant pigments that help in protecting human bodies from harmful toxins brought by processed foods. It also aids in repairing and preventing damages done to the body’s cells.

For health reasons, chocolates are much sought-after foods nowadays. You can freely take a bite off that chocolate chip cookie and indulge. Besides, with proper wine added to a chocolate dish, you will feel a burst of sweet tasty flavors that leave you feeling satisfied.  When blending wines with a chocolate course, it is wise to match chocolates that are lighter and more exquisite-flavored with wines that are light in alcohol content as well. If you have a strong dark chocolate, the wine should be full-bodied to complement the intense flavors of each.

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