The Rules for Wine and Food Pairing

The Rules for Wine and Food Pairing – Do You Know Them?


Wines are ideal beverages that blend well with various types of food. Of course, for people who are perplexed in combining wine with food, the general rule of thumb is, there are no rules. Only your taste buds apply. While this may sound surprising, a wine food pairing is best when you know you got the flavors down pat. If the taste of food and wine complement each other, then you will know that you have created a major combination which is something to be proud of.

Not only will you be satisfying yourself with the delectable dishes and proper wines, you will feel confident enough to share your wine food pairing with the rest of your family and friends. There is enough room for food and wine experiments so you will entirely get the gist how to mix and match every thing on sight. Even if you do made mistakes, sipping wines and nipping on foods can be fun. You can say that it is more like a gastronomy course and you are gorging on foods and drinks that you like. Only thing is, you are opting for the ideal pairing to go with your parties, get-togethers, or just for yourself.

Start with small amounts of food and less wallops of wine. You do not want to compromise your experimentation by being full early on. Also, take risks in your wine food pairing. You can even obtain a particular effect by going contrary from the traditional methods of pairing. Wine and food pairing is a lifetime exploration that needs dedication and courage. You certainly have to discover your own set of rules. Just do not take it into extremes and try to have fun while you are at it.

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A good way to match fine with food is to drop by a wine tasting party or a club where you get to sample the best quality wines and grab a morsel of food to go with the wines. Not only that, wine clubs offer you some information about wines and the food that usually go with them. You will also receive some testimonials from others who have tried one combination after another. You do not have to follow suit in their own experimentations but at least it will give you neat ideas on how to set up your own food and wine combo. Furthermore, you do not have to shell out big bucks to purchase elegant wines since they have a wide selection of drinks in store. Foods are sometimes provided in these types
of events as well.

If you have found the wines and foods that you like, the next step would be is to drop by wine stores or supermarkets to acquire the wines and foods you have in mind. Basically, all you have to remember that just because one person like the pairings, you might hate it.

While there are no specific rules for wine food pairing, you should note several factors that contribute to a much desired combination. Keep in mind that the potency of the wine should counter the potency of the main food course. If you are served with meat and potatoes, the wine should match your meat dish. If you are having a scrumptious salad, pair the wine to the dominant ingredient in your salad. Strongly-flavored foods such as steaks, sharp cheeses, dishes with red wine and ragout sauces match with potent wines. Delicate and lightly-flavored foods such as seafood, salad, and soufflé require soft, light-bodied wines.

In addition, you can mix and match the wine color of the dominant ingredient in your dish. If there are creamy sauces that have light or dark textures, the wines can match the color texture of the sauces. All in all, sweet deserts require sweet wines. Notice how sweet treats in upscale restaurants are served with a desert wine.

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