Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Wine Cellar Cooling Units – How To’s

Wine cellar cooling units are essential for wine storage especially if you have a collection of wine that you need to maintain and ensure its quality for a long period of time. Home wine cellar is important to have the ideal temperature that you need for storing your wine. Make sure that the atmospheric condition of the storage place is within 55 – 58 degrees Fahrenheit or 13-15 degrees Celsius and you keep the temperature constant as long as possible. Humidity must also be considered not exceeding or lower than 70%. This is quite crucial thus wine cellar cooling units must be installed.

The standard temperature that you get from your usual home refrigerators is not the ideal or required temperature to store your wine. This is created to store food products and meats thus wine storage is not recommended for such appliance. Home refrigerators and other cooling equipment are used for chilling and preserving food and the mechanics of its function tends to fluctuate which is quite disastrous for wine. Furthermore, refrigerators are designed in a way that facilitate wine corks to easily dry out and thus, allowing the air to permeate inside the wine bottle and causing the wine to evaporate and change its flavor.

Another danger in storing wine inside your refrigerator is the vibration component. Wine requires immobility when stored and the usual opening and closing of the refrigerator gives an extremely negative impact on the quality of the wine.

Another bad option for storing wine is through home conditioning which creates a poor cooling environment for the wine since it gets rid of humidity vitally important to maintain the moisture of the cork. Air conditioning systems are not always turned off, thus in cases like this temperature fluctuation is again destructive to the value of your fine wine.

Why use wine cellar cooling units?

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On the other hand, wine cellar cooling units ensure all the required conditions that your wine needs for proper storage that promises astounding results and quality. These storage solutions basically ensure the maintenance of humidity in the place, cooling the air gently and slowly. When you plan to construct wine cellar cooling units in your home, be sure that it reaches up to 18 inches from the room ceiling to maximize its cooling capacity. The room must have good ventilation and airflow to make sure the generated heat of the unit will be dissipated from the storage area.

If you have enough funds for your cooling units, you may consider installing a split air system outside the wine cellar which is utilized to supply and return the air that comes to and from the cellar. You can be sure of its aesthetic designs, and the convenience to use, knowing that it functions like an air conditioning system minus the sound and noise.

You can actually choose among a wide array of wine cellar cooling units available in many wine stores and wine equipment manufacturers. This unit may come with an electronic control device and an advanced digital display system. Furthermore, there are other important features and specifications that complete the value and quality of your wine cellar including a split system cooling if you can afford them. For split system cooling, inclusive features are dehumidifiers, alarm units and humidifiers with additional specifications that allow you to control the temperature of you wine cellar in various degrees of temperature depending on the variety of wine you are storing.

Split system cooling feature is a remarkable specification added in wine cellar refrigeration which is far better than the benefits you can get from usual home refrigerators. It is essential for home wine storage however it entails more from your finances and budget since this equipment is much costlier than other cooling units.

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