Wine Hangover

Stopping Wine Hangover In Seven Effective Ways


Most people, especially those who are working, would treat themselves to a very nice drink for the weekends.  That is a good way to spend the weekend; however, there are some people who are being carried away by the enjoyment that they would tend to drink a lot.  There is no problem to enjoy a good night drinking with friends, but you have to keep in mind that you might suffer from hangover the following day.  Just imagine yourself having a headache all day or throwing up in the bathroom.

This is not something that should scare you, but it is the reality.  There is a consequence in everything that you do.  If you enjoyed too much drinking tonight, you can expect a very good hangover.  However, you can still do several things in order to counteract wine hangover.  Here are seven most effective ways in stopping wine hangover.

Drink water.  Water is perhaps the most effective way of getting rid of wine hangover.  If you drink alcohol, you tend to lose water or be dehydrated.  With this, you have to replenish the lost fluids in order to stop the wine hangover from happening.

Avoid medications.  Mixing wine with medications will have aversive effects to your body.  There are some medications that would be fatal once taken in with alcohol, so if you will be taking in medications, better not drink, or if you are sure that medication is okay with alcohol, take only a minimal amount.

Take in more food than alcohol.  If you would like to stop hangover, better eat more meals before drinking.  In this way, you will feel that you are full and be able to drink less.  This is again one of the proven ways of preventing binge drinking and wine hangover.

Drink your milk.  Milk is only not good in giving calcium to our body but also in preventing wine hangover.  Taking in one glass of milk before drinking will coat or cover your stomach wall.  This is a good way of eliminating too much alcohol absorption that will lead to hangover.

Take the right wine hangover medication.  The best medication that you can get in dealing with hangover is aspirin and not paracetamol or ibuprofen.

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Avoid salt or drinks that use salts.  Salt reaction to the body is that it will make it more dehydrated.  Like what is discussed above, dehydration will increase the chances of wine hangover from occurring.  With this, do not drink alcohol with salts such as margaritas.

Dark drinks should be avoided.  You will likely have a hangover if you drink whiskey with cola.  It is better if you will drink water or clear soda drink with alcohol.

These are only some ways that you can do in order to avoid wine hangover.  However, keep in mind that you need to put everything in moderation and in order which is the best thing that you can do to stop hangover in the first place.  It is better to enjoy the night and the next day without the inconvenience of feeling sick.

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