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Wine Tasting 101 – What You Need To Understand


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One of the most exciting and anticipated affairs for most wine enthusiasts and hobbyists is the chance of attending wine tasting events. However, for most people who have the same passion yet not the equal amount of experience in tasting wines, they were often blocked with the notion of not knowing what to do and expect when they join. Nothing is really difficult in wine tastings, requiring only a few basic things to remember when going for wine tasting.

The social norm for most wine tasting events is to serve the ladies first before the gents receive their round. In most events, bottled water and food are served in between the wine tasting activity, often using room temperature waters and unsalted crackers or bread. This is essential in order to cleanse the palate for better tasting precision. Furthermore, when handling the wine, make sure that you hold it by the stem of the glass to prevent heating the wine content that may alter the flavor and taste of the wine. Another important pointer in wine tasting, you should also avoid strong odors like colognes and perfumes that could distract the smell or aroma of the wine. Other things to avoid are smoking, mints and gums prior to the process of wine tasting.

Basic Components of Wine Tasting

Wine Color
This is basically examined in the process, and you can easily determine the quality of wine through the clarity of its content and the overall value of its color. To properly assess the wine color, clear glass and white cloths or backgrounds are important to utilize. In terms of wine variety, the red and white wines and their color is not always literally coordinated. White wine colors range from yellow, green and pale brown while red wines may have deep brown pigments and pale red. To determine if the wine is aged based on its color, you can tilt the wine until it reaches the rim, see if the color is brown or purplish. The former detects that the wine has been aged for quite a long time, while the latter means the wine is still very young. Take note that the wine may be aged for an extended period of time thus swirling the wine in the glass will allow the flavor of the wine to come out.

Wine Aroma
Another important component of wine tasting is by checking the aroma of the wine through smelling the content. Many experienced tasters attest to the importance of aroma in the overall quality of wine, stating that almost 75% of what you taste is actually based on what you initially smelled. Smelling the wine is done in two ways first is the initial short whiff while the other is a deeper whiff to determine more thoroughly the aromatic essence of the liquor. Taking some time in order to discern and evaluate well the aroma of the wine is important before you actually taste the content. Doing this gives you more venue and time to explore and journey to the experience of discovering the quality and essence of the wine.

Wine Taste
Finally, tasting the wine is the culmination of every wine tasting activity completing the initial processes of looking, smelling and observing the wine. Since countless varieties of wine have their own distinct tastes and flavor, the way you taste it gives a significant impact. The front and back portion of the tongue is equipped with taste buds to enable you to taste the wine accurately. Your sense of taste helps you determine certain tastes like sweet, sour, bitter and salty among others. Wine tasting is subdivided in three important phases namely the first impression, taste and finally the aftertastes. The first stage is when you first sip the wine, next is when you swirl it inside your mouth and lastly, the aftertaste of the wine after swallowing the content completes the entire process.

There is actually no fear in attending wine tasting activities as long as you are well equipped with the right knowledge and understanding of the different processes of tasting wine. Knowing all this important and fundamental information make you determine the flavor or taste of the wine, making you confident of exploring the exciting adventure that awaits you in every wine tasting events.

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